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Who’s afraid of blended learning, Part 1: Why leadership development traditionally used less blended components

Ever since I narrowed my professional scope from ‘all kinds of learning’ to leadership exclusively, I’ve been amazed at the slower speed of adopting technology for leadership development compared to other learning domains.  This seems especially true higher up the leader … READ MORE

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7 Strategies for Developing a More Innovative Organization

Pulled from the white paper, Becoming a Leader Who Fosters Innovation by David Magellan Horth and Jonathan Vehar Innovation is a tricky thing to bring into an organization because it’s so multi-faceted.  There are many types of innovation, there are many … READ MORE

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5 Universal Ways to Stimulate Leader Development

We have all heard the mantra: Learn from your experiences. And according to more than 30 years of research from CCL’s Lessons of Experience project and other studies, a manager’s ability and willingness to learn from experiences is the foundation for leading … READ MORE

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4 Tools for Finding Your Way: A Guide for Women Leaders

As a woman leader, the tools you need to navigate your career and build your leadership skills may look slightly different than those for men. According to the Center for Creative Leadership’s Sara King, it’s especially important for women leaders … READ MORE

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Top Team Busters

Teams fall apart. They are destroyed or sabotaged, even.  As a leader, you know the hardest part about teamwork is nurturing and strengthening teams — and ultimately avoiding those team destroyers. Once a team is launched and operating, you may … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the Putting Green

The driving range had just closed when I got there. So, I had two choices: practice chipping or practice putting. Chipping is the strongest part of my golf game and putting my absolute weakest. I chose putting. After I putted … READ MORE

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