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10 Common Mistakes in Giving Feedback

(Taken from: CCL’s publication excerpts, “10 Common Mistakes in Giving Feedback,”  Feedback That Works: How to Build and Deliver Your Message, CCL Press, 2000,  Sloan R. Weitzel) There’s good reason that you aren’t eager about giving feedback to the people you work … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the Eiffel Tower

What do you see when effective leadership happens? I’m willing to bet you see DAC: Direction, Alignment and Commitment. On my second installment of videos from the Eiffel Tower, I thought about this as I took in Paris from the tower’s … READ MORE

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Evaluating Across Boundaries

I recently had the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization that was running a virtual cultural exchange program with youth (mostly female) in the U.S. and youth in Afghanistan.  They had developed an evaluation plan for this program with … READ MORE

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5 Steps for Leadership Behavior Change

What do leadership faculty do when they’re not teaching others about leadership?  They sit around their offices talking to each other about leadership!  Here’s a video of Phil Willburn and me discussing what leaders who change do differently from leaders … READ MORE

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Seven Strategies for Simplifying Your Organization

This post is co-authored by Ron Ashkenas and futurethink CEO Lisa Bodell in Harvard Business Review. To view the original article, click here. Over the past several years we have heard hundreds of managers talk about the negative impact of complexity on both productivity … READ MORE

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