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The Importance of Pairing Technology with Expertise

At a party after New Years I noticed a change in people’s attire – everyone I spoke with seemed to have new watches or bracelets made out of rubber of some kind. But they weren’t watches really, they were wearable … READ MORE

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The 5 Biggest Keys to Leading Innovation

This article was co-authored by Jonathan Vehar. A recent global survey by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) found that 94 percent of executives believe that innovation is a key driver of organizational success. And yet, just 14 percent of … READ MORE

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How to Decide If a Training Solution is the Best Solution, Using a ‘Three-Question’ Calculation

We all know there are numerous options for developing people. Yet we have all come across occasions when the response to a development need is to ‘send them on a course!’ And so an employee trots off to attend a training … READ MORE

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