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Kelly is the Director of the Global Research Insights group at the Center for Creative Leadership® and a visiting faculty member at the IESEG School of Management in France. Since joining CCL® in 1993 she has managed a variety of research, evaluation, and assessment related projects. Kelly received her Ph.D. in Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro . She is also the recipient of the Marcia Guttentag Award from the American Evaluation Association and Young Alumni Awards from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and Guilford College.

Lean in: But into What?

If you’ve opened a magazine, looked at a news site, or turned on the TV in the last year, you’ve probably seen Sheryl Sandberg. In her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead she did what bestselling … READ MORE

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Why Using the F-word at Work is a Good Thing

Most people want to say it. And at some point in their careers they probably need to say it.  Rather than holding back – say it. In fact, shout it. Because it’ll do you good, and research increasingly indicates that … READ MORE

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Parenting, Parents and Letting Go of Great Expectations

It was about a week before I was to leave on an assignment to teach in France for two weeks. Initially my family was going to join me in Paris for one of the two weeks. I would teach in … READ MORE

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My Top 3 Leader Resolutions for 2013

Like many people, I use the entry into a new year as a time to assess what I am grateful about and to make proclamations about what I’d like to do differently this year. Here are my top three leader … READ MORE

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Travel Well, Travel Light

Over the years, I’ve honed an approach to travel that works well for me. That is no small feat because I have two seemingly conflicting interests. One is to travel as cheaply and as lightly as possible. The other is … READ MORE

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Invest in Talent Without Spending a Dime

Nonprofit leaders have usually chosen to work for an organization because they are passionate about the mission and want to make an impact. While many care about their salary and career advancement, they also care about their learning and development, … READ MORE

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My quest to become a renaissance (wo)man

Early in life I learned the term “Renaissance Man.” It sounded cool. Renaissance man (from noun 1. a cultured man of the Renaissance who was knowledgeable, educated, or proficient in a wide range of fields. 2. a present-day man … READ MORE

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The Importance of Being Mindful

At any given time there are multiple pulls on my attention and time; projects, colleagues, collaborators, friends, family, errands, community…my own stuff. There are times that I can get more done if I switch to auto pilot and get through … READ MORE

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Social Identity and the Act of Doing Nothing

A colleague of mine recently wanted to incorporate content from a book I recently edited into a session she was facilitating. Over the course of a multi-session program, issues about oppression and inequity were coming to the forefront. It was if … READ MORE

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Working 9-to-5: What a Way to Make a Living

For my entire adult life I have worked. I’ve also been lucky enough to have jobs I cared about. I like working. It provides me with challenge and a place to apply my skills. I work during vacations. I work … READ MORE

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