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Peter Scisco leads the Center for Creative Leadership’s publishing program. In that role he and his group curates content for CCL Press. Their goal is to bring practical solutions to leaders at all levels of organizations. He is the technical editor for CCL’s Handbook of Coaching (2006). Prior to joining the Center, Peter contributed articles to and served as editor for a number of magazines and newspapers in a wide field of interest.

Change Now!

If your approach to leading is “show up and see what happens,” you might want to give that some thought. You can accomplish an awful lot without goals and planning. But you might surprise yourself if you became focused and … READ MORE

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Who You Know

Over at Reading, Writing,& Big Ideas, blogger Ron Bronson has a few ideas about networking that are, refreshingly, not all about sizing people up for your personal rolodex of strategic influence. (Nobody keeps a rolodex anymore — but you get it.)  … READ MORE

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Guy Kawasaki on The Art of Laying People Off

Some tough but necessary remarks from Guy Kawasaki over at Open Forum. We all want leaders to feel our pain, not to make it. This hurt we're feeling from a sore world economy, it's going to leave a mark. Try not to leave … READ MORE

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A Place to Stand

In the October 2008 issue of Harvard Business Review, Teresa M. Amabile and Mukti Khaire report on a colloquium among business leaders and scholars that invited conversation about the role leaders play in fostering and maintaining creativity in organizations. The … READ MORE

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Talk the Talk

Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge. A memorable line, but Scotland’s Loch Ness is only 27 miles long and we still don’t know if there’s a monster in there or not. Without knowledge, imagination remains fixated … READ MORE

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Where’d You Get THAT Idea?

I subscribe to an e-mail feed from ChangeThis, a site produced by 800-CEO-Read that solicits and publishes manifestos on a number of topics, including creativity and innovation. Those subjects are of everlasting interest to leaders of all stripes, if I … READ MORE

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