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A call to (put down) arms

In medieval times, courage meant being the one leading the charge, shouting loudest and striking hardest, without a care for what gets trampled over. A leader was the big guy, and yes, in the medieval or earlier times, it was … READ MORE

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The Truth About Cats and Dogs. And Polarities.

So. Are you a dog person? Or a cat person? Hang on. Before you answer, keep in mind that our perception of you is about to be forever locked into one of two categories: You are loyal, friendly, and willing … READ MORE

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Integrity: Don’t Reach the Top Without It

Several things have happened this year in a short amount of time: Nobody was elected into the baseball hall of fame, despite people like Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro being eligible (and all of … READ MORE

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Betrayed in the Workplace? 7 Steps for Healing

A co-worker breaks a confidence. A teammate takes credit for your work. Your boss is chronically late. Another reorganization – and another round of layoffs – is impending. It’s easy to see how business as usual can feel like betrayal as … READ MORE

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Bullying Leadership

In the past few years, successful college football coaches  left or were forced from their respective positions stemming from inappropriate behavior toward their players. From an outside perspective, they could be characterized as bullies. However, bullying is not just reserved … READ MORE

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Admitting Mistakes: Mark McGwire and Gerald Levin

On January 11th, I turned on the MLB network to find Mark McGwire admitting to steroid use during his baseball career. I confess I wasn’t all that shocked, but I was still hurt. As a junior at Emory University, I … READ MORE

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It’s Not the Ice You See that Rips the Hull

For 35 years I’ve prided myself on running pretty good meetings. I keep people on the topic, complete the task, ensure everyone has a chance to contribute (even those shy or anxious members), and focus on action outcomes with accountability. … READ MORE

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Where Entitlement and Empowerment Meet

Entitlement. It’s getting something because it is your right to have it, and it’s not about earning it. Empowerment,  however, is different.  It’s about building confidence and capacity in order to gain access – to rights, resources, information or services – in order to shape on’s … READ MORE

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Leadership Under the Bridge

The acknowledged leader (chief) of a homeless encampment in Providence, Rhode Island, was happy to step down when some in the group of 50 or so challenged his leadership. After all, he’d never been elected. It was just that the … READ MORE

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Text Messaging? The Young AND The Clueless

The NFL’s Denver Broncos are in a perilous state right now. They fired head coach Mike Shanahan December of 2008. Shanahan coached the Broncos since 1995, led the team to over 125 victories and two super bowl victories. His replacement? … READ MORE

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