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Feedback You Can Fathom

How do you give effective feedback in the workplace? We must admit it–giving and receiving feedback is not something most of us look forward to doing. In fact, we often know we should give feedback but are uncertain on how … READ MORE

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Go Where the Fruit Is

In this blog post I wrote about how playgrounds and organizations are remarkably similar, and how they both constrain intrinsic motivation and innovation. The essence of the problem is that organizations (like children’s playgrounds) work to reduce risk and economize.  … READ MORE

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Managing the Tension Between Innovation and Operational Effectiveness

Organizations aspiring to become more innovative have often approached us for leadership development solutions.  We would shudder when they also felt that they were hampered by a culture that was steeped in Six Sigma for achieving operational efficiency.  While it … READ MORE

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9 questions to help you understand the need for innovation in your organization

“Can you help our organization be more innovative?” the prospective client asks. “Yes we can,” we reply. And then comes a series of our insightful discovery questions aimed at understanding what they actually mean by “innovation,” plus what they’re trying … READ MORE

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5 strategies to try before you set out to disrupt the world

My last blog post focused on the unpleasant truth that most organizations choke on radically new ideas. I’m afraid I might have left people with an “abandon hope all ye who enter here” mindset. Aw hell, that wasn’t my intention.  … READ MORE

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Does your organization choke on radically new ideas?

Several years ago, at an innovation conference where I was speaking, I found myself in the hotel bar at closing time talking to some of the big names and brains in the innovation consulting field (relax, I wasn’t drinking). I … READ MORE

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Your stance on innovation depends upon where you sit

Do leaders in different levels of the organization have to lead differently? Of course they do.  A line supervisor has very different leadership challenges than the CEO.  That’s where CCL’s leadership roadmap is useful in helping leaders figure out how they … READ MORE

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Add Cognitive Health to Your Workout This New Year

January is the unofficial month of dieting and gym memberships. It is the time when we step on scales, step up our workouts, and promise to make healthier choices in the upcoming year. But most of us overlook an important … READ MORE

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Just Say Yes

In the last six months I have found myself saying “yes” to requests or opportunities that I typically would have quickly said “no” to. Not “no” because I’m too busy, or “no” because the work would distract me from higher … READ MORE

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An Army of One: 5 Ways You Can Reverse a Negative Corporate Culture

For more than a decade, I’ve interacted with global companies that have inspirational posters on the walls and a glaring lack of vision everywhere else. In these places, goals are shortsighted and process is everything. New ideas and approaches are … READ MORE

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