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Big Themes from ATD 2015

Day 2 of ATD 2015 was full of reconnections. We had many of our clients come by and say hello. Most of our clients, especially folks we have worked with for a long time will just come and give their … READ MORE

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Talking Results and Results Talking – Day 1 at ATD

The first day of ATD 2015 was power packed at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) Booth. We had great conversations with engaged ATD attendees, our in-booth sessions were packed and the attendees to those sessions stayed to talk more … READ MORE

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Leaders Can Help Organizations Waste Less Time

Illustration by David Suter. Posted with permission from strategy+business I hear people complain about overwork constantly.  They talk about how work never seems to end, how they are always behind, and how much of it seems to be unnecessary. Why … READ MORE

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The Importance of Pairing Technology with Expertise

At a party after New Years I noticed a change in people’s attire – everyone I spoke with seemed to have new watches or bracelets made out of rubber of some kind. But they weren’t watches really, they were wearable … READ MORE

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How to Decide If a Training Solution is the Best Solution, Using a ‘Three-Question’ Calculation

We all know there are numerous options for developing people. Yet we have all come across occasions when the response to a development need is to ‘send them on a course!’ And so an employee trots off to attend a training … READ MORE

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Microsoft CEO Says Trust the System

“It’s not really about asking for the raise, but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along.” said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft. I found this statement interesting, not because … READ MORE

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Talent doesn’t always win the game

What an exciting few months sports fans have had! The Soccer World Cup, Rugby Internationals and The Commonwealth and European Games, all performed to world class standards. And it has got me thinking; it wasn’t always the ‘highly talented’ players … READ MORE

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6 Types of Toxic CEOs You Never Want To Be [Infographic]

The CEO, paradoxically, has the most overall power over her company, but the least amount of personal control over it. They get credit or blame for every major action in the company, even if they are not directly responsible. So … READ MORE

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Are You Guilty of Aiding Derailment?

As a manager responsible for a work group or business unit, do you ever do any of the following? Move your top performers quickly through the ranks.  You are concerned that if you don’t promote them, they might leave the … READ MORE

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What I Learned From Interviewing 30 Leadership Development Experts Around The World

This article was originally posted on I know I have been quiet for a while but it has been with good reason. Over the last four months I have interviewed 30 leadership development experts from China, Great Britain, Canada, … READ MORE

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