A Declaration of Interdependence

This blog is a resource for the development and practice of leadership in an interdependent world. We have a point of view on interdependent leadership, and the development of leadership culture, based in research and practice at the Center for Creative Leadership and in the work of our colleagues around the world.

For publications and resources for developing interdependent leadership click here.

We hold this truth to be self-evident: The natural world, our lives, our work, and our collective well-being are interdependent. Everything is, or will be, connected. READ MORE

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Leadership Essentials for Changemakers: Barcelona 19-20 October 2015

Información: hello@coperfield.org Telf: +34 935 951 510

Flyer here. Join us!le1



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New Webinar Series: Network Leadership and Leadership Networks

Please join us for our first webinar in a series on the topic of
Network Leadership and Leadership Networks.network

June 4, 2015
2-3 pm Eastern | 11 am-12 pm Pacific

Register here. It’s free thanks to our partners!

This is a follow-up to our Thought Forum on Leadership Networks (June 2014) during which we committed to continuing the rich conversations among scholars and practitioners. Download the white paper resulting from the Thought Forum here.

This webinar series is hosted by the Leadership Learning Community (thank you!) in partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership and the NYU Wagner School of Public Service.

Session Description READ MORE

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Investing in the production of leadership

Our colleagues in Denmark have been working with the idea of leadership as a collective process for producing shared direction, alignment, and commitment. Anders Trillingsgaard (UKON Human Results) and Karen Poder (University of Copenhagen) share their recent experiences and insights below (thank you!):

quoteTwo characteristics of contemporary organizations have changed how we think about leadership development. Organizations are adapting at increasing speeds, and, employees are becoming increasingly reliable, competent and expensive. These characteristics fundamentally change the tasks of managers, from merely making decisions, to clarifying goals and strategies, building cross-organisational relationships, and inciting high energy.

DAC chalk

The leadership ontology “direction, alignment and commitment” by the Center for Creative Leadership has proved very useful in understanding this change. READ MORE

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The NYU Collective Leadership Research Workshop

nyuOur faculty team at CCL is proud to be a part of a new professional community based at the Wagner Graduate School for Public Service at New York University: The NYU Collective Leadership Research Workshop. The aim of this community is to explorer collective leadership research and practice, including relational leadership frameworks. Our inaugural workshop on April 23-24, 2014 was hosted by the Research Center for Leadership in Action, and lead by Professors Sonia Ospina and Erica Foldy. Members from CCL are Kristen L. Cullen, Bill Drath, and Charles J. Palus.

Relational leadership is a key idea in the CCL model of interdependent leadership

Collective Leadership: If Everyone Leads, Who Follows?, a moderated panel discussionwas part of this inaugural NYU Collective Leadership Research Workshop. This discussion explored the challenges and opportunities of identifying, nurturing and assessing collective leadership and what that might mean for NYU’s efforts to nurture ethical and inclusive leadership among its students.


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Creating Desired Futures in a Global Economy

quoteUnderlying every significant issue that organizations and societies face is the question: How can we create desired results in an increasingly interdependent world?

Peter Senge talks about the roles of creating, learning, and leading in a complex, interdependent world, in his article Creating Desired Futures in a Global Economy, available here (Reflections, Vol 5, No 1). We also recommend In Praise of the Incomplete Leader (HBR Reprint R0702E) as a map for dealing with complexity in an interdependent world.

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Social identity in an interdependent world

Interdependent leadership requires a keen awareness of social identity. What is your own social identity? What are the social identities of others? How do you build bridges while retaining a core identity? How does one’s identity change from close interaction with others? This fine video from Aaron White, featuring Steadman Harrison walking through Addis Ababa, beautifully explores these ideas. The CCL LeaderMOOC has an excellent module on social identity, including this video; the workbook is here. (Also see our white paper about leadership development in context in Ethiopia.)

More at Social Identity: Knowing Yourself, Leading Others (Kelly Hannum, 2007).

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Visualizing Leadership in a Dynamic Ecosystem

Here’s a field report from strategist and graphic facilitator Bruce Flye, on visualizing and developing leadership in the dynamic and chaotic ecosystem in which the Brody School of Medicine operates.
quoteIn recent months a senior leadership team in the Brody School of Medicine has been grappling with a complicated organizational issue of major import.  …  We’re getting the most benefit through conversations that the Dean has with individuals and small groups. As he engages others in studying the graphic, time slows down, and we consistently see a transition from mild confusion to engaged curiosity.  … 

Click on the graphic to expand 2x …Microsoft PowerPoint - ENC County Locational Map (2) [CompatibilquoteIn recent months a senior leadership team in the Brody School of Medicine has been grappling with a complicated organizational issue of major import.

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The beit midrash: A method for collaborative learning

Dialogue is one of four arts for developing interdependent leadership. Vered Asif, a CCL faculty member based in Brussels, sent us this powerful method for facilitating dialogue in support of learning and development.

quoteWe all know PowerPoint is limited as a teaching method. Collaborative learning can be much more effective, even when learning from experts. Here is a collaborative learning method that uses expert texts–documents, articles, books—as the source of knowledge.


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How to build a more interdependent leadership culture: The DriveTime story

How do you transform the leadership culture of your organization while re-inventing your industry? Let’s look at the case of DriveTime.  (More DriveTime’s leadership culture development here and here.)

These promotional videos show how the new leadership culture connects with customers and engages employees. The case follows …


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