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Conversations for an interdependent world

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Sample of the 216 Visual Explorer images

Visual Explorer™ is a tool for creative conversations and deep dialogue, using a wide variety of images, on almost any topic chosen by the user.

When to use Visual Explorer : Because of its versatility and ability to engage all kinds of people, VE is widely used in organizations, communities, schools, and coaching relationships, with the outcome of better conversations about things that matter.

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Leadership Metaphor Explorer package with field guide

Leadership Metaphor Explorer is a tool for creative conversations about actual and possible future approaches to leadership, using a large variety of specific metaphors for leadership.

When to use Leadership Metaphor Explorer™ : LME is typically used by leaders and members talking about leadership styles and cultures, comparing needed and actual leadership—mine, yours, and theirs—in the past, present, and future. LME also helps explore the specific content of interdependent leadership.

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Boundary Explorer card deck


Boundary Explorer™ (BE) is a tool for understanding and exploring interdependent leadership by leading across boundaries. It promotes understanding of five boundary types, plus three strategies, six practices, and dozens of tactics for enabling leadership across boundaries. Boundary Explorer is a companion tool to the book Boundary Spanning Leadership (2010) by Chris Ernst and Donna Chrobot-Mason.

When to use Boundary Explorer™ : BE is used in three ways: as a teaching aid, as a personal take-home tool for reviewing and applying the model, and as a reflection and planning tool for groups actively applying boundary spanning practices. Teachers and facilitators should first become familiar with the basic model, using the book, in order to use the tool most effectively.
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Values Explorer card deck

Values Explorer™ is a tool for creative conversations on the topic of values—using a wide variety of value labels.

When to use Values Explorer: Everyone has a set of values that guides them. Values Explorer helps create a structured conversation that surfaces those values for self and mutual understanding, prioritizing and planning, and is useful in leadership development and coaching contexts.
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LiFE Explorer card deck

LiFE Explorer™ is a deck of cards that starts conversations, builds camaraderie, and creates networks. LiFE Explorer helps managers at all levels realize how much they have learned about leadership from their own powerful experiences. “LiFE” is short for learning from experience. LiFE Explorer is easy and fun to use. This tool is for HR professionals and consultants who are ready to accelerate top talent development. LiFE Explorer™ is based on four decades of the Center for Creative Leadership’s international lessons of experience research, including the book, Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today.

When to use LiFE Explorer™:  LE is a tool for leadership development for managers in organizations.
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Wisdom Explorer card deck

Wisdom Explorer™ is a tool used in leadership development and educational settings to promote reflective thought and wise action. Each of the 101 cards contains a wisdom quotation about leadership, learning, and life. WE works by taking wisdom drawn from around the globe and across the ages and putting it into the middle of a creative conversation.

When to use Wisdom Explorer™:  WE can be used in any educational or developmental setting in which people are reflecting together on the ideas that guide their lives.
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