Pre-announcing LeaderMOOC – Leadership for real

Today I wanted to mention two things and announce a third one.

One: Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

The first is the phenomenon that took worldwide higher education by storm last year: the MOOC, or Massive Online Open Course. Prestigious universities like Harvard, MIT and Stanford offer these courses for free and attract thousands of students worldwide. A MOOC typically lasts 5-10 weeks, and every week has a dedicated topic that is explored through video nuggets, readings, assignments, project work, forum questions, etc.

Some of the reasons MOOCs work so well is that they are in reach for everyone (they are free and open to everyone worldwide) and that they enable networked learning with hundreds or thousands of people with the same challenges and interests. The New York Times declared 2012 the Year of The MOOC.  MOOCs are an innovative format for blended learning.

Two: Our mission at the Center for Creative Leadership

Ever since the creation of the Center over 40 years ago, this is the mission that has driven all of our work. We now see a world facing massive challenges, a world that cannot have enough effective leaders at all levels of society to face those challenges. We do not only develop formal leaders in Fortune 500 companies. Our mission also drives us to set up leadership development initiatives for communities, youth and women in Africa, Latin America and other regions in need.

One + Two = LeaderMOOC

Designing LeaderMOOC

So what do you get when you put one and two together? You get a LeaderMOOC. We are proud to have received a Marrow grant to pilot a MOOC for leadership development this year. We are so very excited about this. We see it as an opportunity to reach emerging leaders we would otherwise not be able to reach, and as an unprecedented way to scale up leadership development for the benefit of society worldwide.

So join us this fall for LeaderMOOC! Its tagline and promise is “Leadership for real.”  It will start mid-September and last for seven fun and thought provoking weeks. We’ll keep you posted.

More reading on MOOCs:  Hacked Education’s “Top Ed-Tech Trends of 2012: MOOCs”


About Bert De Coutere

Bert's professional life is all about competent people. He thinks, publishes, consults, designs and sets up learning and development projects for corporations. His areas of expertise include technology enhanced learning and leadership development. Bert is currently Solutions Architect in the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) EMEA office. In his role he designs customized leadership interventions and programs for clients and bring these designs to fruition based on CCL's solution architecture portfolio.
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5 Responses to Pre-announcing LeaderMOOC – Leadership for real

  1. avatar Alan B says:

    While MOOCs do indeed have reach, I’m fairly certain their learning effectiveness remains to be seen. You should be a bit more reserved and skeptical in your cheerleading.

  2. Update: we are open for enrollment now!
    All information is on and we’ll start with an orientation week on Sept 8!

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  4. avatar Stephanie says:

    I can’t wait to begin LeaderMOOC. I challenge Allan B. and his skepticism regarding MOOC’s and their effectiveness. I have taken a number of different MOOC’s and as with everything in life, sometimes you will be disappointed and other times delightfully surprised. I just finished a brilliant MOOC hosted by Coursera and put on by Case Western titled Inspiring Leadership Through Emotional Intelligence. I am currently enrolled in another Coursera MOOC titled Innovation, Creativity and Change and quite enjoying the process. What you put into the course is what you will get out of it, if you take advantage of all the materials and the opportunities to engage, you will come through the courses with a multitude of experiences and ideas. The chance to hear from people all over the world is brilliant and so important when broadening ones perspectives and when sharing ideas. We tend to live in our little bubbles, sharing global experiences opens ones mind and the possibilities become endless. Looking forward to seeing what the Centre for Creative Leadership has to offer!

    • avatar Carmen says:

      Thank you very much CCL for this great opportunity. I agree with Stephanie when she says that we will have the chance to hear from people all over the world. Share ideas, thoughts, perspectives, dreams, etc. All of that will give us a clear idea of what our society needs in different fields, how can we create a better place to live. We can read many books and have a very good education but we learn the most from stories and experiences and MOOC is a very good way to do that. Thank you CCL.

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