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From BFFs to BOSS

One day you and your friends are complaining about the boss. The next, you are your friends’ boss. So how do you successfully go from being BFFs to BOSS? It’s definitely a tricky situation. Here are some thoughts: Be clear. … READ MORE

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Coaching by Managers: No Appointment Required

I met with a lively and well-informed group of leaders from the Singapore Ministry of Health recently. Although they may not have needed my expertise on executive coaching, their questions instead centered on why a supervisor, manager or executive needs … READ MORE

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Tossed, Lost, and Still a Great Boss

I love baseball. It’s a sport that has bonded my family together. In particular, it’s been one team: the Atlanta Braves. My parents and I watched the Braves throughout the 1980s when they were horrible. In the 1990s and the … READ MORE

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