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Change Now!

If your approach to leading is “show up and see what happens,” you might want to give that some thought. You can accomplish an awful lot without goals and planning. But you might surprise yourself if you became focused and … READ MORE

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ASTD Toxic Leadership Presentation

This morning I had the pleasure of attending an excellent ASTD ICE 2014 session presented by two of my colleagues, Bill Adams and Peter Ronayne, entitled “Keys to Surviving Toxic Leaders in Government.”  And although I am sure we each … READ MORE

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9 questions to help you understand the need for innovation in your organization

“Can you help our organization be more innovative?” the prospective client asks. “Yes we can,” we reply. And then comes a series of our insightful discovery questions aimed at understanding what they actually mean by “innovation,” plus what they’re trying … READ MORE

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5 strategies to try before you set out to disrupt the world

My last blog post focused on the unpleasant truth that most organizations choke on radically new ideas. I’m afraid I might have left people with an “abandon hope all ye who enter here” mindset. Aw hell, that wasn’t my intention.  … READ MORE

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3 Reasons Why Personal Goals Fail

Ever feel like you are roaming hopelessly through your life and your career without direction? Setting personal goals can help you improve and change, and achieve satisfaction. Goal-setting isn’t easy. It takes time and commitment.  Avoid these three goal busters … READ MORE

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Fear Change? Be Adaptable.

You’ve heard it before: The only thing that remains the same in today’s organizations is change. Change is inevitable but it is also more copious, rapid and complex than ever before. Knowing it exists is not the same as dealing … READ MORE

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Lean in: But into What?

If you’ve opened a magazine, looked at a news site, or turned on the TV in the last year, you’ve probably seen Sheryl Sandberg. In her book Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead she did what bestselling … READ MORE

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Disruptive Heroes: Leadership for a New Era

To develop the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit our effectiveness… That’s more than just part of CCL’s mission. It’s a clarion call for everyone who works. To be the best we can be, we need … READ MORE

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4 Ways to Increase Your Resiliency as a Leader

A common myth is that the way to deal with the pressures of middle and senior management is to work harder. We like to think that extending work hours and multi-tasking are ways to be more effective at work.  The … READ MORE

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5 Steps for Leadership Behavior Change

What do leadership faculty do when they’re not teaching others about leadership?  They sit around their offices talking to each other about leadership!  Here’s a video of Phil Willburn and me discussing what leaders who change do differently from leaders … READ MORE

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