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The Best Leaders Always Ask These Questions

This column is one of several that CCL President and CEO John Ryan has written on leadership as a Linkedin Influencer. Click to view all his columns and sign up to receive future posts. While exploring potential assignments near the … READ MORE

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Who’s Your Tony Bennett? Who’s Your Lady Gaga? #Mentoring

Sometimes the Grammy Awards recognizes a really odd partnership that really works. A few months before this year’s awards show, I remember doing a double-take when I saw them on TV together singing an old jazz standard. Of course, I … READ MORE

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The 5 Biggest Keys to Leading Innovation

This article was co-authored by Jonathan Vehar. A recent global survey by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) found that 94 percent of executives believe that innovation is a key driver of organizational success. And yet, just 14 percent of … READ MORE

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Help! My coach is disagreeing with my mentor!

This was the exasperated comment from a recently appointed mentee. He was a general manager who was experiencing the effects of good intentions. He was being over-supported. His employer had not worked out how, why and when to use mentoring … READ MORE

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What Makes Mentoring Work?

“We tried mentoring once, it never really worked. Anyway, people find their own mentors informally. What I need to know is how to fill my leadership pipeline.” I recently held a seminar on mentoring, and this was one of the … READ MORE

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Credible Feedback: It’s Not About the Right Words

I get a kick out of some leaders who want to be better at “giving feedback.” Some are like seven year-olds who can’t wait to tell someone, “You got a booger hanging ow-cher nose.” The news they’re holding burns their … READ MORE

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Coaching Supervision — Build Your Competitive Advantage

Coaching supervision, when a coach steps back to reflect on their client work with the help of a trained supervisor, is increasingly being seen as  a powerful way to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching engagement. So why should you … READ MORE

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I’m not doing this for you.

I was coaching the CFO of a financial services firm recently. He’s part of a leadership team that’s really struggling. There’s significant conflict within the team and the company is in a challenging marketplace and trying to adapt to it. … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the 9th Tee Box

Earlier this year, while I was home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I played golf with one of my favorite mentors, my friend, Dr. Bob Cutrer. Many of us simply call him “Doc.” Every time I go home, Doc and I always … READ MORE

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Don’t Gag on Engagement

I remember comedienne Rosie O’Donnell asking her audience, “Anybody in here engaged?” <clap, clap, clap> “Ever notice that ‘Engaged’ has the word ‘GAG’ in the middle of it?” <laugh, laugh, laugh> She meant “engaged” as in “engaged to be married.” … READ MORE

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