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ASTD Toxic Leadership Presentation

This morning I had the pleasure of attending an excellent ASTD ICE 2014 session presented by two of my colleagues, Bill Adams and Peter Ronayne, entitled “Keys to Surviving Toxic Leaders in Government.”  And although I am sure we each … READ MORE

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Storytelling as a Leader’s Art

So the executive looked at me askance, wondering if what I was saying was really true. “So you want me to learn to tell stories…really?!” Yes, and I wanted him not just to tell stories, but to be a storyteller, … READ MORE

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Fear Change? Be Adaptable.

You’ve heard it before: The only thing that remains the same in today’s organizations is change. Change is inevitable but it is also more copious, rapid and complex than ever before. Knowing it exists is not the same as dealing … READ MORE

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Three Ways to Influence

Influence. It’s the power or ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking. Ultimately, it allows you to get things done and achieve desired outcomes. On one level, influence is about compliance–getting someone to do what you want … READ MORE

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Top Team Busters

Teams fall apart. They are destroyed or sabotaged, even.  As a leader, you know the hardest part about teamwork is nurturing and strengthening teams — and ultimately avoiding those team destroyers. Once a team is launched and operating, you may … READ MORE

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Bringing Focus to Innovation Leadership: Part 4, Five Steps to Jump-start the Real Drivers of Innovation

Pulled from the white paper, “Becoming a Leader Who Fosters Innovation,” by David Magellan Horth and Jonathan Vehar We’ve seen that innovation is a compelling object for organizations as they look for ways to grow their top line via their … READ MORE

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Building a Platypus: Interagency Leadership in the Federal Government

How is effective interagency leadership in the federal government like a platypus? We recently met with a group of learning officers from the Executive and Legislative branches to discuss interagency leadership. The people with whom we spoke are dedicated civil … READ MORE

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The Nexus Effect

Wall Street.  Main Street.  Politicians.  The Middle Class.    Us.  Them.  Watching the financial turmoil unfold in the markets, the anger and finger pointing over who is to blame, I’m reminded of Einstein’s advice that “No problem can be solved … READ MORE

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