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Credible Feedback: It’s Not About the Right Words

I get a kick out of some leaders who want to be better at “giving feedback.” Some are like seven year-olds who can’t wait to tell someone, “You got a booger hanging ow-cher nose.” The news they’re holding burns their … READ MORE

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Coaching Supervision — Build Your Competitive Advantage

Coaching supervision, when a coach steps back to reflect on their client work with the help of a trained supervisor, is increasingly being seen as  a powerful way to maximise the effectiveness of the coaching engagement. So why should you … READ MORE

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How do we learn?

We learn by being inspired. We learn by debating an issue. We learn by teaching. We learn by doing. By reading, by writing, by listening. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A great deal of research has gone … READ MORE

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3 Ways to Prevent Resistance to your Leadership

Every single day, we move earth (with all that construction happening), and we move people (all acts of persuasion are in effect moving people). Effective leadership is what makes it all happen. Leaders give us a direction, a path to … READ MORE

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6 Ways to Get Things Done: Turn Thinking into Doing

Implement. Execute. Walk the talk. Get it done. As a leader, you know that action counts. So why is it so difficult to just get things done? Strategic thinking may not translate well into action because of the lack of … READ MORE

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Storytelling as a Leader’s Art

So the executive looked at me askance, wondering if what I was saying was really true. “So you want me to learn to tell stories…really?!” Yes, and I wanted him not just to tell stories, but to be a storyteller, … READ MORE

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Making it Stick: Finding the Velcro in Leadership Learning

If you are any of the following–an executive, a supervisor, an HR manager, or a learner in an open enrollment or custom program—you probably have pondered this question: What is the payoff for my learning investment? Whether you ask this … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the 9th Tee Box

Earlier this year, while I was home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I played golf with one of my favorite mentors, my friend, Dr. Bob Cutrer. Many of us simply call him “Doc.” Every time I go home, Doc and I always … READ MORE

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LeaderMOOC is Now Open for Registrations

We’re so happy to announce that we have reached the next milestone in our LeaderMOOC project: we are now open for registrations. LeaderMOOC will run on the canvas.net MOOC platform, one of the leading MOOC providers. We’ve also updated our … READ MORE

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Research Reveals the 2 Most Important Competencies for Success

Thousands of leaders from all over the world attend our leadership development programs, and as a result we have vast amounts of data about leaders from all over the world. As a quant-geeky researcher who also trains, I see how our … READ MORE

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