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9 questions to help you understand the need for innovation in your organization

“Can you help our organization be more innovative?” the prospective client asks. “Yes we can,” we reply. And then comes a series of our insightful discovery questions aimed at understanding what they actually mean by “innovation,” plus what they’re trying … READ MORE

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5 strategies to try before you set out to disrupt the world

My last blog post focused on the unpleasant truth that most organizations choke on radically new ideas. I’m afraid I might have left people with an “abandon hope all ye who enter here” mindset. Aw hell, that wasn’t my intention.  … READ MORE

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Storytelling as a Leader’s Art

So the executive looked at me askance, wondering if what I was saying was really true. “So you want me to learn to tell stories…really?!” Yes, and I wanted him not just to tell stories, but to be a storyteller, … READ MORE

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Why some managers don’t learn from experience & 3 ways to fix it

Often despite attempts to provide developmental experiences for people, by all accounts the learning doesn’t happen. Perhaps you’ve heard of people like this? Jane had been given a plum assignment helping her new company ramp up its marketing function. This … READ MORE

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Fear Change? Be Adaptable.

You’ve heard it before: The only thing that remains the same in today’s organizations is change. Change is inevitable but it is also more copious, rapid and complex than ever before. Knowing it exists is not the same as dealing … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the Pitch

I recently attended a Carolina Dynamo soccer match. I am not a big fan of soccer. I don’t get it. Maybe I’m a snob (wouldn’t be the first time that was told to me). Here are some things I learned: … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the 9th Tee Box

Earlier this year, while I was home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I played golf with one of my favorite mentors, my friend, Dr. Bob Cutrer. Many of us simply call him “Doc.” Every time I go home, Doc and I always … READ MORE

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Leading with Opportunity

Providing people with meaningful, skill-stretching opportunities is a leader’s most important job. That’s not an overstatement. Providing people with enriching opportunities is so important that Albert Einstein said, “All that is valuable in human society depends on the opportunity for … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the Eiffel Tower

What do you see when effective leadership happens? I’m willing to bet you see DAC: Direction, Alignment and Commitment. On my second installment of videos from the Eiffel Tower, I thought about this as I took in Paris from the tower’s … READ MORE

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4 Tools for Finding Your Way: A Guide for Women Leaders

As a woman leader, the tools you need to navigate your career and build your leadership skills may look slightly different than those for men. According to the Center for Creative Leadership’s Sara King, it’s especially important for women leaders … READ MORE

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