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Image Busters: Eight Common Leader Mistakes

There’s no shortage of ways to ruin your image as a leader. Here are eight common mistakes executives make – and you should avoid – that have a negative effect on leadership image. Too much seriousness. Leaders don’t need to … READ MORE

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Credible Feedback: It’s Not About the Right Words

I get a kick out of some leaders who want to be better at “giving feedback.” Some are like seven year-olds who can’t wait to tell someone, “You got a booger hanging ow-cher nose.” The news they’re holding burns their … READ MORE

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What I Learned From Interviewing 30 Leadership Development Experts Around The World

This article was originally posted on nicholaspetrie.com. I know I have been quiet for a while but it has been with good reason. Over the last four months I have interviewed 30 leadership development experts from China, Great Britain, Canada, … READ MORE

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CCL Hosts Cutting Edge Conference on Networks and Leadership

As our clients face new complex and interdependent challenges, we have been looking for better ways of understanding the role of formal and informal leaders in weaving and activating informal networks. How do we do it? Who is involved? How … READ MORE

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Bucket List: 10 acts of leadership to undertake before you go

We’re all familiar with the “bucket list,” a compilation of a few deeds we’d like to accomplish before we depart this mortal sphere. Bucket lists are usually framed in terms of personal dreams: climbing Mt. Everest, scuba diving the Great … READ MORE

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WAR (the Baseball Statistic), What is it Good For (in Leadership)?

No, I’m not talking about the song by Edwin Starr, the really good cover by Bruce Springsteen, or one of the funnier scenes from the movie Rush Hour. WAR is a baseball statistic that stands for “Wins Above Replacement.” Through … READ MORE

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Who do you blame for work stress, your smartphone or your organization?

As we saw on NBC news on Tuesday, some organizations have initiatives to give people time away from work by telling them to turn off their cell phones. Organizations are doing this because many of their employees spend their lives … READ MORE

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Change Now!

If your approach to leading is “show up and see what happens,” you might want to give that some thought. You can accomplish an awful lot without goals and planning. But you might surprise yourself if you became focused and … READ MORE

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Leadership at the airport

It had been a long two weeks of travel and I was ready to come home. I was in New York for a conference and had taken the NJ transit to Newark airport to fly back home to Greensboro. Anyone … READ MORE

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CCL Hosts Conference on Leadership Networks

We are excited to announce the Thought Forum on Network Leadership and Leadership Networks, June 2-4, 2014, at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) campus in Greensboro, NC. ¬†Our research and practice here at CCL are increasingly informed by a … READ MORE

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