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Leading a Multicultural Team

Managing a multicultural team can be a rewarding experience, giving leaders the opportunity to work closely with employees from diverse backgrounds and offering the chance for personal and professional growth. However, operating a team with genuinely different people also comes … READ MORE

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Talent doesn’t always win the game

What an exciting few months sports fans have had! The Soccer World Cup, Rugby Internationals and The Commonwealth and European Games, all performed to world class standards. And it has got me thinking; it wasn’t always the ‘highly talented’ players … READ MORE

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Feelings of First-Timers at Fantasy Football Same as Leading Others #1stTimeMgr

Fantasy football isn’t going away, it’s not a fad, and it impacts work. A recent survey by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc., said that 31 million working-age Americans are playing fantasy football, and it could cost more than $13 billion … READ MORE

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Becoming Globally Competitive Leaders: What can China learn from India?

We need more globally competitive Chinese leaders who are able to lead not only in China but also outside China. With many MNCs’ localization strategies, we are now seeing more Chinese leaders leading in China. However we rarely see successful global … READ MORE

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Advice to First-Time Leaders – in Only 6 Words!

In July CCL hosted an online contest called “What Matters Most” which consisted of a weekly discussion question focused on what matters most to today’s leaders. Each answer earned an entry to win a weekly prize. Our most popular question … READ MORE

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Help! My coach is disagreeing with my mentor!

This was the exasperated comment from a recently appointed mentee. He was a general manager who was experiencing the effects of good intentions. He was being over-supported. His employer had not worked out how, why and when to use mentoring … READ MORE

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Mentoring is a Gift

I still hear what my Mom told me when I was young: it is better to give than it is to receive. One gift that is just as good for leaders to give as it is to receive, is mentoring. … READ MORE

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6 Types of Toxic CEOs You Never Want To Be [Infographic]

The CEO, paradoxically, has the most overall power over her company, but the least amount of personal control over it. They get credit or blame for every major action in the company, even if they are not directly responsible. So … READ MORE

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Want to Write Well? Learn to Write Badly

In communication, if you want to write well, first write badly. [tweet this]. Counter-intuitive I know. Our research at CCL shows that communication is a highly valued competency for leaders in organizations, and it’s also a big challenge that leaders … READ MORE

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What Makes Mentoring Work?

“We tried mentoring once, it never really worked. Anyway, people find their own mentors informally. What I need to know is how to fill my leadership pipeline.” I recently held a seminar on mentoring, and this was one of the … READ MORE

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