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How do we learn?

We learn by being inspired. We learn by debating an issue. We learn by teaching. We learn by doing. By reading, by writing, by listening. This is just the tip of the iceberg. A great deal of research has gone … READ MORE

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Key leadership challenges facing government leaders in Europe

This post was co-written by Vered Asif and Clemson Turregano. A few months ago we had the pleasure of working with senior European leaders in an intergovernmental organization. We spent a full day together discussing individual leadership goals, cross team … READ MORE

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Making Effective Leadership Catch On

Have you ever thought about ways to make what you do more “catchy” or attractive? I definitely have, and so I recently read the book “Contagious” by Jonah Berger that offers some research-based guidance for how anyone can practically do … READ MORE

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Short-Term Assignments, Long-Term Success

Many years ago as a young professional at CCL, I had a special six-month assignment as “assistant to the president.” I was the second person to serve in the role. The president at the time had created the role to … READ MORE

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Leadership Strategy and Societal Impact

Nowadays, for-profit businesses are increasingly realizing their long-term interests in creating positive value for the communities in which they operate. They see that organizational success depends on making a positive impact on key societal challenges such as food and water … READ MORE

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9 questions to help you understand the need for innovation in your organization

“Can you help our organization be more innovative?” the prospective client asks. “Yes we can,” we reply. And then comes a series of our insightful discovery questions aimed at understanding what they actually mean by “innovation,” plus what they’re trying … READ MORE

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5 strategies to try before you set out to disrupt the world

My last blog post focused on the unpleasant truth that most organizations choke on radically new ideas. I’m afraid I might have left people with an “abandon hope all ye who enter here” mindset. Aw hell, that wasn’t my intention.¬† … READ MORE

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Preparing for Atlanta’s Next BIG Snow and Other Wicked Challenges: Three Insights for Multiteam System Leadership

From two very different views of the “2 inches of snow” that resulted in disaster recently for the city of Atlanta, GA (one author inching home for FIVE HOURS on a commute that typically takes 30 minutes and the other … READ MORE

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9 Things CEOs Say About Themselves

People love to talk about CEOs, but how do these executives describe themselves? To examine how CEOs label themselves, we surveyed nearly 100 Chief Executive Officers, attending CCL’s Leadership at the Peak program. We wanted to understand what great leaders … READ MORE

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What is leadership strategy all about?

Adapted from the white paper:¬†Bridging the Performance / Strategy Gap: How leadership strategy drives business results Walter Bayly, CEO of Banco de Credito and COO of Credicorp Group: “Credicorp is diversifying and entering into new lines of business in new … READ MORE

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