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ASTD Toxic Leadership Presentation

This morning I had the pleasure of attending an excellent ASTD ICE 2014 session presented by two of my colleagues, Bill Adams and Peter Ronayne, entitled “Keys to Surviving Toxic Leaders in Government.”  And although I am sure we each … READ MORE

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The HR Manager’s Challenge (well, one of them) – and how we’re trying to help

I attended ASTD/ICE last year with the express purpose of introducing a new line of digital products to HR Managers at the Expo. This was my first year with CCL, and I was excited to showcase our digital libraries as … READ MORE

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Storytelling as a Leader’s Art

So the executive looked at me askance, wondering if what I was saying was really true. “So you want me to learn to tell stories…really?!” Yes, and I wanted him not just to tell stories, but to be a storyteller, … READ MORE

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5 Job Challenges for Leader Development

Need a change in your career?  Accept a new job challenge. Job assignments are one of the oldest and most important forms of leader development. It can give you the opportunity to learn by doing, and more importantly, allow you … READ MORE

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Travel Well, Travel Light

Over the years, I’ve honed an approach to travel that works well for me. That is no small feat because I have two seemingly conflicting interests. One is to travel as cheaply and as lightly as possible. The other is … READ MORE

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Johnny Cash Sings Leadership

When I was a teenager growing up in the 1970’s, I was a music junkie. I had a hard time remembering the names of songs but I sure spent a lot of time recording cassette tapes to play in my … READ MORE

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Who’s in Charge Here? Leadership and Grown Kids.

I just had the most wonderful week of vacation I can remember.  My husband and I, and five of our seven grown children, including both steps and in-laws, went to the beach and stayed in our tiny time-share on couches … READ MORE

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