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Storytelling as a Leader’s Art

So the executive looked at me askance, wondering if what I was saying was really true. “So you want me to learn to tell stories…really?!” Yes, and I wanted him not just to tell stories, but to be a storyteller, … READ MORE

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Why some managers don’t learn from experience & 3 ways to fix it

Often despite attempts to provide developmental experiences for people, by all accounts the learning doesn’t happen. Perhaps you’ve heard of people like this? Jane had been given a plum assignment helping her new company ramp up its marketing function. This … READ MORE

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Making it Stick: Finding the Velcro in Leadership Learning

If you are any of the following–an executive, a supervisor, an HR manager, or a learner in an open enrollment or custom program—you probably have pondered this question: What is the payoff for my learning investment? Whether you ask this … READ MORE

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Leadership Lessons from the 9th Tee Box

Earlier this year, while I was home in Chattanooga, Tennessee, I played golf with one of my favorite mentors, my friend, Dr. Bob Cutrer. Many of us simply call him “Doc.” Every time I go home, Doc and I always … READ MORE

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Using the Motivational Triad to Eat Healthier, Part 4: Energy Efficiency

For earlier posts in this series, click the following: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3. One misconception people have is that eating healthy takes more time and effort.  Ok, I will concede that in some ways it does.  Our … READ MORE

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Using the Motivational Triad to Exercise More Consistently, Part 2: Avoid Pain

In Part 1 of this series, we explored how the Motivational Triad described in the book The Pleasure Trap has driven the way humans have made decisions since the beginning of their existence.  The triad states that humans a) seek … READ MORE

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Using the Motivational Triad to Exercise More Consistently, Part 1: Make it Pleasurable

In the book, The Pleasure Trap, authors Drs. Lisle and Goldhammer talk about a triad that helps explain what drives and has driven human behavior over the centuries.  The triad quite simply is this: as humans we a) seek pleasure, … READ MORE

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A Different Kind of Leader

With the U.S. elections less than a month away, I am thinking more and more about our country and the leadership I think we need as a nation – in terms of domestic issues and international concerns. No matter who … READ MORE

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