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9 questions to help you understand the need for innovation in your organization

“Can you help our organization be more innovative?” the prospective client asks. “Yes we can,” we reply. And then comes a series of our insightful discovery questions aimed at understanding what they actually mean by “innovation,” plus what they’re trying … READ MORE

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5 strategies to try before you set out to disrupt the world

My last blog post focused on the unpleasant truth that most organizations choke on radically new ideas. I’m afraid I might have left people with an “abandon hope all ye who enter here” mindset. Aw hell, that wasn’t my intention.  … READ MORE

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5 Big Reasons Organizational Change Isn’t Simple

Adapted from the white paper Transforming Your Organization by John B. McGuire, Charles J. Palus, William Pasmore and Gary B. Rhodes Today’s companies have no choice but to change. The world is moving and shifting fast, and executives know it. … READ MORE

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Three Ways to Influence

Influence. It’s the power or ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions or thinking. Ultimately, it allows you to get things done and achieve desired outcomes. On one level, influence is about compliance–getting someone to do what you want … READ MORE

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Travel Well, Travel Light

Over the years, I’ve honed an approach to travel that works well for me. That is no small feat because I have two seemingly conflicting interests. One is to travel as cheaply and as lightly as possible. The other is … READ MORE

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You’re only as good as your middle…

Not very cheery news for many of us out in cyberland, but someone had to remind us.  How many times in the last few years have you read an article or seen a television clip extolling the virtues of the … READ MORE

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Leadership Beyond Leaders and Followers, part 2

In my first post I wrote about the interest I and some colleagues of mine here at CCL have in leadership in situations where there is no leader, that is, no person with more influence over others than others have … READ MORE

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