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Outstanding Leadership: It’s all in your mind

This post was co-authored by Cathleen Clerkin, Marian Ruderman and Carol Connolly. Read more about CCL’s research on neuroscience and leadership in “Leadership Development Beyond Competencies: Moving to a Holistic Approach.” Oftentimes, people think about leadership development as a to-do list … READ MORE

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Add Cognitive Health to Your Workout This New Year

January is the unofficial month of dieting and gym memberships. It is the time when we step on scales, step up our workouts, and promise to make healthier choices in the upcoming year. But most of us overlook an important … READ MORE

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Fear Change? Be Adaptable.

You’ve heard it before: The only thing that remains the same in today’s organizations is change. Change is inevitable but it is also more copious, rapid and complex than ever before. Knowing it exists is not the same as dealing … READ MORE

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4 Ways to Increase Your Resiliency as a Leader

A common myth is that the way to deal with the pressures of middle and senior management is to work harder. We like to think that extending work hours and multi-tasking are ways to be more effective at work.  The … READ MORE

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Resiliency and a Broken Heart

A few weeks ago I experienced a revealing moment during a conversation I had with a colleague who is one of the kindest people I know, very experienced in our field, and has a very intriguing life story. In addition … READ MORE

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Developing Resiliency: A Response to the Sandy Hook Shootings and Beyond

The still recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, touches us to our core.  Children — America’s most preciously resource – were literally gunned down, taking away bright futures and the promises of tomorrow. To make matters … READ MORE

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Johnny Cash Sings Leadership

When I was a teenager growing up in the 1970’s, I was a music junkie. I had a hard time remembering the names of songs but I sure spent a lot of time recording cassette tapes to play in my … READ MORE

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