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Leading a Multicultural Team

Managing a multicultural team can be a rewarding experience, giving leaders the opportunity to work closely with employees from diverse backgrounds and offering the chance for personal and professional growth. However, operating a team with genuinely different people also comes … READ MORE

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Bucket List: 10 acts of leadership to undertake before you go

We’re all familiar with the “bucket list,” a compilation of a few deeds we’d like to accomplish before we depart this mortal sphere. Bucket lists are usually framed in terms of personal dreams: climbing Mt. Everest, scuba diving the Great … READ MORE

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5 Big Reasons Organizational Change Isn’t Simple

Adapted from the white paper Transforming Your Organization by John B. McGuire, Charles J. Palus, William Pasmore and Gary B. Rhodes Today’s companies have no choice but to change. The world is moving and shifting fast, and executives know it. … READ MORE

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6 Must-Have Skills for Leading from the Middle

(Adapted from CCL’s e-newsletter article, “Torn and Worn? Or Focused, Flexible and Strong?”) If you are a mid-to-senior level manager – a leader of managers – you lead in what CCL calls “the middle zone.” You operate up and down the organizational … READ MORE

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Top Team Busters

Teams fall apart. They are destroyed or sabotaged, even.  As a leader, you know the hardest part about teamwork is nurturing and strengthening teams — and ultimately avoiding those team destroyers. Once a team is launched and operating, you may … READ MORE

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Who’s in Charge Here? Leadership and Grown Kids.

I just had the most wonderful week of vacation I can remember.  My husband and I, and five of our seven grown children, including both steps and in-laws, went to the beach and stayed in our tiny time-share on couches … READ MORE

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What happens in Chicago…

After an abysmal 6 hours in the Greensboro, NC airport, I arrived in Chicago for a conference, and promptly left my hotel room for a walk. It is a glorious summer evening in Chicago, lower humidity than the dog’s-mouth levels … READ MORE

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